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Szoboszló öröksége

The Heritage of Hajdúszoboszló: Earth – Sword – Water is a permanent exhibition of local history which presents the past of Hajdúszoboszló in an interactive manner centring around three main topics indicated in the title. The word “Land” refers to the settlement of the Haiducks (soldiers in István Bocskai’s Army), to the predominantly agricultural character of the region, and to the early Bronze Age earth mound found in the surrounding fields, which is rich in archaeological finds. The word “Sword” refers to the military merits of the Haiducks, while “Water” refers to the gift of nature, the thermal water, which is the basis of the thriving health tourism in the town.

The first part of the exhibition is devoted the historical heritage of Hajdúszoboszló, its medieval roots, the legacy of the Haiducks and the modern history of the town. The second part presents the town’s natural legacy, the archaeological finds, the tools of agricultural work, and the history of the thermal water and the development of the local tourism industry. The interactive elements and the rich multimedia content ensure that our visitors learn about local history in a truly enjoyable way. 

The Heritage of Hajdúszoboszló
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