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Retró '70 - '89

Our exhibition is based on the private collection of Ferenc Dalnoky, author of the successful novel, Adventures in Homokkert (which contains anecdotes from his childhood and young adulthood in socialist Hungary). This collection, one of the first retro collections in Hungary, was first meant to illustrate the novel, but soon grew into an individual exhibition. The constantly growing collection is now the largest and richest collection  in the region. Its special objects give a fascinating insight into everyday life in the 70s and 80s. In our exhibition, which offers an interactive experience in a multimedia environment, visitors can explore the typical living interior of family homes of the era, and take a glimpse into the world of childhood, entertainment and consumer culture in socialist Hungary, but also into the dark side of the era, the “shadow of dictatorship”. During your visit you can also try on some of the iconic items of clothing from the era and, with the help of a simulator, drive a real Trabant!

Retro 1970-1989
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