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Hagyományok Hajdúszoboszlón

Our permanent ethnographic exhibition presents the traditional culture of the town of Hajdúszoboszló. 

The first part of the exhibition evokes the atmosphere of the market. Here you can learn about the famous black pottery from Nádudvar and about the unique character of János Tornyai, a vagabond poet.  In the blacksmith’s workshop, which is also part of the marketplace, visitors can look at the tools of the trade, and play an interactive game to climb the career ladder from apprentice to master of the trade. 

The next part presents the lifestyle of rich peasantry in Hajdúszoboszló at the beginning of the twentieth century. After visiting the kitchen and the larder, which reveal the eating habits of this social group through recipes, visitors can try on some traditional costumes and sit down in the clean room.

The next room is the “film room” where you can find out about some local traditions connected to religious or public holidays, such as the Christmas pageant and carol singing, and the so-called “csergetés” (whipcracking) on New Year’s Eve. This is followed by the round room, which leads us through the traditions and music connected to the circle of life (birth, marriage, death). The last room displays the traditions, costumes and tools of the shepherds in the Hortobágy.


Each part of this modern exhibition offers a wide array of interactive and audiovisual tools. Look at the  lifelike wax figures, take the replicas of authentic objects in your hands, and try on the traditional costumes to make your visit even more enjoyable.


Outside, the museum garden is home to the exhibition displaying the works of András Galánfi, a wood carving artist, who was awarded the most prestigious cultural award in Hungary, the Kossuth Prize. 

Traditions in Hajdúszoboszló
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